what is sustainable clothing care?


It means cleaning that doesn't pose threats to your health or the environment and reduces your ecological footprint.

Other dry cleaners may say they are "eco-cleaners," "eco-friendly," or "100% organic." Don't believe it. They use hydrocarbon solvents that cause air and water pollution and threaten human health. Or siloxane, which has not been thoroughly tested for safety and sustainability.
ONLY CO2 cleaning and wet cleaning are recognized by San Francisco's Department of the Environment as truly green.

Cleaning Your Clothes with CO2
The CO2 we use is a beverage grade, recycled industrial by-product. The gas is captured, chilled, and pressurized until it becomes liquid. Inside the cleaning drum, the liquid CO2 and specially engineered, mild detergents separates soil from your clothes at a cool 54 degrees.

Hangers and Bags: We reuse hangers scores of times. Broken ones are collected by a steel salvage company and recycled. Instead of disposable plastic film bags, we have designed re-usable, recycled/reclyable non-woven polyester garment bags with a shoulder strap.